Jessica Michibata

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ABOUT Jessica Michibata

Jessica Michibata — an accomplished author and passionate advocate for holistic wellness — has seamlessly woven her diverse interests into a fulfilling career. Beyond the pages of her inspiring books, Jessica dedicates herself to the art of beekeeping, embracing the harmony of nature in her backyard. Her journey into healing extends through her mastery of Reiki and Nutripuncture, offering a unique blend of energy and nutritional healing to those seeking balance and wellness. A fluent communicator in American Sign Language (ASL) at level four, she bridges gaps, connecting deeply with the deaf community. While her past as a model has graced her with public recognition, Jessica’s heart lies in her personal pursuits and the quiet joy of her family life. Her commitment to nurturing both the earth and the soul defines her as a beacon of holistic health and compassionate living.

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